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Free Arcade allows you to not only play free games, but to rate and review them as well! You can see which arcade games have been played the most, which are the best rated, and which have recently been added. You can also choose from a wide variety of categories such as action, adventure, shooters, card games, puzzle games, and sports. On to the games!
Most Popular Games At Free Arcade
Go to war with either your friends or the computer.
MiniPool 2
Clear the pool table as fast as you can.
Formula Fog
Beat the computer around the track.
One of the most popular games ever.
Snowboarder XS
Snowy mountains are your waves in this fun extreme sports game.
Muy Thai
Colorful fighting game that is heavy on the action.
Emily Grace
Take action against your enemy!
Take out your frustrations on smilies!
Virtual Cop
Take care of bank robbers with lead!
Alpha Bravo Charlie
Go on a fatal mission to save your countrymen.
Alias 2
The sequel to the action-packed platformer!
How fast can you drive a motorbike?
Play basketball.
The card game that you can play by yourself.
Indiana Jones
Help Indiana find treasure while avoiding traps.
Shooting style platform game with nice graphics and music.
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